4. Results – Insights Canvas


  • In the top right corner, select Insights Canvas .
  • Filter by Business Outcome by selecting the appropriate outcome in the Agility State section.
  • Hover over the trend icon in the Agility State section to see previous Agility Stage.
    • Notes: Trend patterns are Team (by Date) and Group (By Quarter)
  • Displays all practices taken encompassed by practice dimensions
  • Displays score per practice from range 0-4.
  • Displays overall average of all practices taken in the center of the canvas.
  • Displays Practices identified as impediments and growth goals
  • On the Group Level hover a practice to see what teams have marked marked as a growth goal or impediment
  • Displays trends at the team level by assessments taken
  • Displays trends at the group level by quarter
  • The Team Insights Canvas can be filtered by business outcome by selecting the business outcome in the “Business Outcome Summary” section
  • Team variability displays the top 4 practices that have the most and least variability among team members when voting. The first practice in disagreement shows the practice that people agreed upon the least. Conversely, the first practice in agreement shows the practice which people agreed upon the most.
  • The insights canvas shows answered practices and scores by time period for each practice dimension. Select a practice from the insights canvas to view results, add notes, mark as growth goal or impediment.
  • Goals/Impediments shows the number of practices for each business outcome that have been marked as an impediment or goal
  • Metrics can be filled out via the Analytics Dashboard
  • A PDF of the canvas can be exported by selecting the PDF icon to the left of the color legend.

Hover Business Outcomes to see more Detail:

Filter By Business Outcome:


Full Insights Canvas View:

Practice Drill Down View: