Release Notes

1.18.20 Release

Menu Changes:

  • A Resource link has been added: “Source References”

New Framework Agnostic Assessments

  • Added Agile Leadership Assessment
  • Added Scrum Master Assessment

New Functionality: 

  • Added the ability to participate in an assessment while NOT being a registered user.
  • Added the ability filter by Business Outcome, “Level” (including Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, and Team) in the Template Builder.
  • Added the ability filter by Template “Type” in the Template Builder.
  • Added the ability to filter by name via a search field in the Template Builder.


  • Small UI changes to Insights Canvas including more detail around Voting Variability, Impediments/Goals, and Metrics
  • Added new Pricing Information
  • Button text changes to enhance user experience
  • Trend colors in Analytics Dashboard have been changed to not conflict with main color scheme
  • Updated Help Pages, Facilitators Guide, and Quick Start Guide

10.14.19 Release

Menu Changes:

  • The template builder has moved under the Assessments Link and the Assessment Child Link names have been changed to:
  • Launch New – (Launch all assessments)
  • Participate in Existing – (If there already is an assessment in progress, this will take you directly)
  • Template Builder – (Build and customize any assessment)

Resource links have been added. They are:

  • Outcome Improvement Canvas – A canvas that helps with outcomes and measurements for coaching
  • Outcome Improvement Plan – A template for creating coaching plans
  • Blog – Direct link to the LAI Blog.

A services link has been added.

  • This will take you to more information on LAI Service offerings.

Performance Improvements:

  • Improved performance of logging in.
  • Improved the performance of launch and loading assessments
  • Improve the performance of loading results
  • Significantly Improved the Performance of taking assessments, especially with more than 3 people at a time.


  • Enhanced UI of Insights Canvas
  • Small UI changes to the home page

New Functionality:

  • Added the ability to delete users from an organization
  • Added new resource menu to the homepage with links to services and blog as well as an outcome improvement canvas and plan.
  • Added ability to type filter for teams when launching assessments and in Member Attributes